Week 8 Part A

  Does Instagram seem effective for them? For self-help authors, speakers, and influencers such as I aspire to become, visual mediums of expression are not only beneficial, they are required.  I don't see social media as an accessory to my business, since my entire business is built upon a digital foundation.  My books are completely digital until Amazon prints them and delivers them to the customers for me, my courses are all provided digitally. What hashtags are they using? For the people that I follow, a lot of them use a common catchphrase hashtag once per week or so, and use other hashtags sparingly.  I think Instagram hashtag use is more important since there is no share feature.  The people I follow on twitter don't use hashtags. How many followers do they have? Tony Robbins has Millions of followers, as does Les Brown.  Stefan James has just under 100,000 followers. How often do they post? Several times per day. What type of content gets the most response? It is kind of

Week 7 part B Instagram

I engaged with the content of everyone in my group, located at the following URLs.

Week 7 Part A Alternative Assignement

 Right now I have social media across the spectrum.  The only 3 I am focusing on right now are Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube though. The top performing (growing) one so far is Twitter by far.  I was growing pretty quickly with IG before, but really stopped using it a couple of years ago.   I am actually currently in a mastermind for growing on Twitter with some pretty heavy hitters pulling in 6 and 7 figures selling digital products.   I am also focusing a lot of energy toward growing on YouTube.  I would really like to have the connection with my audience that I think YouTube can provide.  I also think that it is great practice for public speaking and connecting with a crowd. The basic strategy that I am using on Twitter is to create powerful, engaging content such as this: Then I engage with other people's posts, writing very thoughtful responses, along with bi

Week 5 Part B: Learning about FaceBook Data Collecting

  1. Why are each of them important? The two pieces of data are important for different reasons. Reach is important because it lets me know how many people Facebook showed my post to.  I prefer the term impressions, but it's Facebook's platform so what they say goes I guess. Engagement is the juicy number though.  This is what we really want.  It is important to have a high engagement rate per impressions, or Facebook will throttle your exposure.   Engagement is how Facebook knows people enjoy your content.  It is the likes, the comments, and the shares.  It can also mean the links clicked.  High engagement is what creates viral posts. 2. What can you learn from each? Reach - You can learn what kind of content Facebook is looking for.  For example, live video has a great reach on their platform.  You can also use this data to create reports on how much free (and paid) exposure you have received on the platform to do cost analysis. Engagement - This is how you validate whether y

Week 6 part B

 Alright so I have finally stopped getting distracted by Facebook while playing around with Facebook for long enough to get my assignment finished with Facebook. If your Facebook page was in the class links, and you were in my group, I showed your page some love. People: Natasha Flaherty Jonathan Golding Teri Lendy Ty Morissette William Pisciotta Eric Tangedal

Week 6 Part A: Engaging Your Customers - Facebook Strategy

  Pages I liked: 1.        Tony Robbins 2.        Project Life Mastery 3.        Tim Ferriss 4.        Jordan Peterson 5.        Valuetainment 6.        Joe Rogan 7.        Sailing NAHOA   I chose these businesses because they are all people that I would like to collaborate with at some point in the future for various reasons.   I hadn’t thought of the benefits of liking pages as my page before, so it has me thinking deeper on the subject.   It may make sense to get a VA involved at some point in the future to do some manual promotion of my Facebook page.   I don’t have the time right now though as I am super busy with school and growing my YouTube channel. What’s my YouTube channel you ask?

Week 5 Part A

I have probably set up at least 10 Facebook pages in the past, and have in depth experience with targeting  Facebook advertising campaigns.  I got locked out of my last Facebook business page because I made a mistake in Facebook business manager and had to rebuild my personal brand page a month or two ago.  That's ok though, I am primarily focusing on YouTube right now anyway.  I used this as an opportunity to change my cover image and update my description as per your recommendations. I currently have around 700 followers on my Facebook Page .  This assignment actually inspired me to start posting to my page again.  I had stopped due to Facebook being so stingy with their organic reach for my posts...  They really want me to hit that boost button.  But I have just realized since I am making videos for YouTube anyway, I might as well be sharing them on Facebook too.  It isn't too much additional effort, and I have a chance of going viral.  I can also promote my YouTube channel